October 9, 2022

Orbiting Scotland

Orbiting Scotland

Map of the stars

To avoid any confusion, please note that this blog infrastructure gets upcycled and repurposed semi-regularly in accordance to my needs at a given time. If you came from the LunarPunkLabs.org site then please note that there are some think pieces sprouting in the garden with thoughts around organisational "what's?" and "why's?" that are nearly due.


Instead - it seems you are here in hyperspace - reading an email to the cosmos thats been transmitted from a remote lunar base to your coordinates somewhere on the other side of the internet: welcome, welcome, welcome it reads!

This broadcast then begins to transmit a further collection of symbols (letters, words, sentances, images) which compile into what one might describe as a sort of rational mytho-poetic reality... there are few promises made in regards to legibility but if you thirst for adventure(s) then please to follow along!


What, what, what the hell is mythic rationalism you might ask? Yes, perhaps that deserves some attention and background context before we get start basing plans on it!

The hypothesis here is that myths and memes drive us. There's an iceberg of 'consciousness' and the vast majority of it lives underwater. This is known as system one thinking in the litrature which represents our subconscious patterns and processes. The question here for me is if can we willingly craft these heuristics through practice? My personal experience is yes, we can, but it takes time and sustained attention in a "system two" modality to do so.

The technique that I'm currently assimilating is a process diagram that is used to isomorphically associate moods and flavours into a coherent and stable rhythm... along with a collection of other systematic schemas I've picked up from Anthony over at the H3uni.org.

This mythical mapping technology works great for me as an epistemic tool set but I mention them now to prepare you for later references that assume knowlege of such a context. At this juncture, its also worth mentioning that such esoteric maps and models are finally gaining acceptance under a growing umbrella term called 'active inferencing'. Ahhh sweet institutional legitimacy for other ways of knowing to shelter under at last!!

By practicing these tools as an active inferencing ontology I've come to discover that on the seasonal scale `point seven` occurs just after the solstices and equinox's. We're now past those dates however and I'm sensing the seasonal cycle to be nearing point eight; so I'm consequentially figuring out an appropriate means of celebration for the completing cycle!


Due to this perception, it seems as though the time cypher is suggesting a visit to the man who has so generously been sharing this collection of tools; Anthony Hodgeson. Scotland.

He's not actually requested anyone to come visit but has to large degrees extended an invitation and signalled degrees of availability. For me it's simply a case of practicing the teaching in order to feel the process; I'm feeling point eight calling me - so to see Anthony in Scotland I depart.

If your a student of his or studying a similar line of work then please feel invited to journey with me next week! If a handful of folks are able to make an upfront commitment we can readily pool together for a reasonably sized AirBNB to use as a retreat centre. This leads me to explicate an open question to those still reading:

H3uni fam, of those willing and able, who will come with me to Pitlochry to visit Anthony between the 15th and 22nd of October?

Finally - to be quite honest - I'm not actually sure that Pitlochry is 100% the correct coordinates; flights to Edinburough seems like a sufficient enough start so I've decided to ACT! If you feel called to do so as well, please jump in and get in touch!

Ad astra and to the cosmos! ✨